Projector Upgrades and Replacements


We can supply and install XGA quality projectors from a range of reputable manufacturers such as Casio, Panasonic and NEC.

We currently recommend the Casio XJ-A131 (2000 lumens) / XJ-A141 (2500 lumens) projectors as universal upgrades and replacements for classroom projectors that are nearing or at the end of their useful lives and need replacing.

Features of the Casio projector

  • Solid state "lamp" with a life of 20,000 hours or more / using less power / mercury free
  • Standard 3 year projector warranty with 10,000 hours or 5-year warranty on the light source for both education and leisure
  • Very fast start up in less than 8 seconds
  • Instant switch off avoids the need for a powered fan to go on running for a while to cool the projector down after the light has turned off
  • Stable light output throughout life of the projector (mercury lamps can lose 10% light output or more every 1000 hours)
  • Amazing zoom lens range making it an ideal replacement projector

Combining the Casio XJ-A131/XJ-A141 with a projector mount specifically designed for the Casio projector range with the necessary side-to-side adjustment, we can install the Casio projectors economically in place of almost any existing classroom projector.

Features of the mount (Note: subject to a design change since photos)

  • Replacement of existing projector and re-alignment in under 75 minutes (where the existing projector is well installed, is column fitted and has an IEC (kettle) connector or an existing clover leaf plug)
  • Side to side adjustment reduces the risk of needing to move the ceiling fixing
  • Strong, elegant, gloss white mount fits all of the Casio projectors
  • Complete with projector fixing screws
  • Product options for ceiling mounting and 50mm column fitting

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